Double Up Your Dining Room Chandeliers

Hanging a chandelier over your dining room table is a fantastic way to add elegance to the overall design of the room. But have you ever thought about installing two chandeliers instead of one? Check out the following situations in which two chandeliers might be just the trick to make your dining room shine.GY5204K

  • Long Dining Tables – If you have a long dining room table, then a single chandelier is going to feel very strange hanging over the middle. You could install a larger fixture to accommodate the length, but this might prove to be an eyesore. Instead, use two chandeliers. This will help provide symmetry to a space that is asking for it, and it will better light the table.
  • Tall Dining Areas – A dining room with high ceilings may seem a little impersonal. Hanging two chandeliers helps use up empty space, making the room feel more cozy.
  • Kitchen Island Eating Area – There’s no reason why chandeliers have to be limited to the dining room. Since a single chandelier may seem out of place over a kitchen island, go with two smaller fixtures to provide light when having an informal meal in the kitchen.Viox Kitchen HiRescompressed

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