Update on Quoizel’s Very Successful Wellness Program!!

As promised we are keeping tabs on Quoizel’s very successful Wellness Program.   The holidays are behind us, and Spring is finally here, encouraging everyone from Charleston to New York to  exercise, eat healthy and feel better about themselves!workout

A new trainer, Becky Kyryliuk is in town, and she is very enthusiastic about taking the program to its next level.  Becky’s passion for motivating people to be active and healthy has led to her current pursuit of a PhD in Exercise Science.  Classes now consist of boot camp, kick boxing, yoga, pilates, circuit training and line dancing.  Becky is pushing everyone to work harder but to have fun at the same time! 

Employees from both our South Carolina and New York facilities are also participating in the Biggest Loser Challenge.  Currently into week 3 of the challenge and amazing results can be seen already.  The participants are working hard and supporting each other. 

Quoizel’s Wellness Program is also reaching out to more of its employees via video, e-mail and social media sharing great information and encouraging tips to all of its employees including Quoizel’s sales-force.  The program has not only given our employees the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle and reach individual goals, it has also developed great team-building skills.  Employees are motivating and pushing each other which is why the program continues to be so successful after so many years.

We will post Becky’s weekly health tips on our facebook/blog pages so that our readers can also benefit from Quoizel’s Wellness Program.  If you are interested in receiving articles and videos relating to the program, please contact Maria Brennan at mariab@quoizel.com.  She will be more than happy to assist you!

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