What do you want the room to reflect?

Mirrors bring light and add depth to any room.  A mirror can add light to darkened spaces while making a space appear larger than what it really is.   JA43225BN

Quoizel, known for its beautiful lighting, understands that mirrors paired with lighting can create special effects.  Hanging a large framed mirror on a wall can reflect the light from a chandelier showing off a kaleidoscope of colors.  A mirror can also reflect the view of an adjacent garden, art work or candles creating a warm, inviting glow that will create softer lighting and give it an intimate feel.  Take your time and plan out what your mirrors will be reflecting.  You want to make sure your mirror is reflecting an attractive image and that you are getting the best possible benefits from all angles.

A lighthearted, whimsical look for the modern or contemporary space, this brushed nickel mirror above features curved lines and a fun, unconventional overall style.

Uptown Collection

In January, two mirrors were added to Sergio Orozco’s award-winning Uptown Collection .  Seen here is the polished chrome beveled mirror. 


The Metro mirror part of Carolyn Kinder’s Collection is sophisticated and elegant.  A brushed nickel finish and simple details enhance the beauty of this contemporary mirror. 

The last mirror featured is the Gwyneth which is a piece of art all by itself.  This beveled glass mirror is sure to be the focal point of any room. 


Hanging a mirror is one of the simplest ways to dramatically change the look of a room, and Quoizel responding to their consumers’ requests introduced over 15  new mirrors at January’s market.  The mirrors have very different textures, sizes and finishes to compliment every decor.  Look for another mirror being introduced by Carolyn Kinder in June 2013 to compliment her collection.

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