Congratulations on Quoizel’s Biggest Losers!!

Biggest Loser Challenge is over or should I say extended…Updates on Quoizel’s Wellness Program.

Congratulations to Quoizel’s Biggest Losers who are:

Terry from our New York office and Kime from our Charleston office for winning Quoizel’s Biggest Loser Challenge!  Terry lost 7.08% of her body weight and Kime lost an impressive 9.79%!!

Our  2nd and 3rd place winners in New York were Rita for losing 5.76% and Joy 2.67%.  In our Charleston Facility,  Claudia lost 6.51% and Ania 6.38%.  Their hard work and dedication has paid off!  We are excited to share that both groups wanted to continue trying to achieve their goals and will keep the contest going for another 8 weeks. workout

A special thank you goes out to Kime!  He donated half of his winnings back to Quoizel’s Wellness Program for the purchase of a kettlebell.  Kime received a tremendous amount of support and inspiration from the others who participated in the challenge as well as the 35+ people participating in the Wellness Program.  He thought it was only “fitting” to say thank you and give back to the Program. 

Congratulations to all the Losers, you are definitely Winners!!  Keep up the hard work!!

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