A Professional Lighting Designer is a “Bright Idea” for your Remodel

When you are renovating, it is important to make sure that all of your contracting bases are covered which should include a professional lighting designer.  Decorative lighting is a major aspect of home décor and design. The design and placement of the lighting should reflect the design of the room and the lighting should enhance the room’s decorative elements.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider a professional lighting designer for your remodeling project.

KeriKitchencompressedWith so much variety in lighting today, a professional lighting designer will help you navigate the different types of lighting available, ensuring the room achieves the look and atmosphere you are trying to create.  The professional will work with you to realize your lighting dreams on your budget. They will help you get the best quality light for that amount of money. 

Energy efficiency is becoming a popular mainstay and lighting is one of its largest arenas. A lighting designer will understand how an energy-efficient light source will work best with a given space. Your reward will be beautiful lighting that serves both the space and the environment while keeping energy costs low.

After renovations are complete, you flip the light switch and admire the gorgeous results! Great decorative lighting is the stunning bow on the remodeled wrapping paper. A lighting designer helps make the final gift extra special.

Our Quoizel retailers are highly trained to assist you and are dedicated to helping you achieve the best lighting for your task.  With Quoizel’s wide variety of lighting and finishes, it will be easy to find lighting for your remodeling project!

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