Escape the Heat to a Basement Retreat

When the weather is hot and you need a place to go to keep cool, a basement will usually give you some relief.  The days when basements were dark, uninviting spaces where the kids kept their toys and you stored tools……are over.  These days homeowners want to make the most of all their available space, and the basement is the perfect place to escape the heat and enjoy specialty rooms and have some family fun.

Most basements simply need to be properly lit to create a wonderful entertainment or living space. Here are a few lighting options to help you brighten up your basement while making it look like a well-designed space:


James Fleming

Our condolences go out to the family of James Fleming.  James, an employee of Quoizel for 16 years passed away on July 17th after a short battle with cancer at the young age of 48.  James was a materials handler and would often set up displays at various accounts as well as the Dallas Market.  He was a dedicated and loyal employee who will truly be missed by management and his co-workers.

We celebrate the life of James who was described as humorous, playful, sincere, and spiritual and someone who loved to sing.  James was a loving soul who will be remembered for his love of God, his beautiful smile, his positive attitude and his love for people.


What’s Cool this Summer at Quoizel

Welcome back intern, Marie-Catherine! Marie-Catherine along with fellow intern Casey Keller are giving more than a hand in the Design Department this summer.  This is Marie-Catherine’s 3rd year with Quoizel, whose Ariella Collection was introduced at January 2013 Dallas Market.  Casey, who like Marie-Catherine, is  from Purdue University, is starting his first year with Quoizel.

Samantha Mann, from Coastal Carolina University, is working as an intern in the Advertising Department where she just recently published Quoizel’s first employee newsletter. Samantha is also working on special projects within the department.


The Unveiling of Hesco’s Display Renovation!

Quoizel’s Bryan Ehrlich was recently at Hesco Lighting updating displays in their beautiful showroom. 

Hesco Lighting has been family-owned and operated since 1968 and was orginally focused on electrical supplies for the trade.  However, as their business grew, their electrical supply customers began asking for more lighting  fixtures to bring their jobs to completion which led them to open their first lighting showroom in Princeton, NJ in 1981.  Today they have two showroom locations, their original in Princeton and their second in Clinton.