Escape the Heat to a Basement Retreat

A classic geometric Arts & Crafts piece with handcrafted art glass in shades of sapphire blue, warm honey, amber and cream ~ TFIK348VA

When the weather is hot and you need a place to go to keep cool, a basement will usually give you some relief.  The days when basements were dark, uninviting spaces where the kids kept their toys and you stored tools……are over.  These days homeowners want to make the most of all their available space, and the basement is the perfect place to escape the heat and enjoy specialty rooms and have some family fun.

Most basements simply need to be properly lit to create a wonderful entertainment or living space. Here are a few lighting options to help you brighten up your basement while making it look like a well-designed space:

  • Pendant Lighting – Pendant lights can be an excellent design choice for basement entertainment rooms, hanging above a game table or a wet bar.  Unlike a large lighting fixture that can look too chunky or oversized in a small space, pendants are slim and have ample “air” around them that gives warm ambiance to an otherwise utilitarian space.
  • Wall Lights – Wall lights can help distract from basement rooms with no windows and add some visual variety to your walls.  In fact, lighting the dark areas will actually make a room appear larger.
  • Track Lighting – Track lighting offers incredible flexibility for a basement room.  These lights are simple to install and the fixtures can be moved to shine where you need them to.
  • Semi-Flush – Semi-Flush lighting can be used if your ceilings are low.  There might not be enough height to hang a pendant, but a semi-flush that extends down just a bit from the ceiling could be the right remedy for areas that could use ambient lighting with a little oomph.

The best basement lighting will include a variety of fixture types to provide ambient, task and accent lighting.  A well-lit basement will never feel like a cave, and by choosing beautifully designed fixtures, such as the stunning billiard fixture featured, in place of the more standard recessed cans, your basement will also avoid looking like an afterthought.  Take a look at our catalog for inspiration, and then find one of our dealers nearest you!

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