It’s Throwback Thursday

This week we thought it would be fun to compare a Quoizel bath fixture that was popular 33 years ago to one of today’s most popular bath lights.


Featured is Quoizel’s decorative bathroom fixture that was introduced in 1980.  These 6″ hand-blown glass globes were available in assorted patterns.  The fixture had an antique brass finish and was available in 2 or 3 light wall mounts. 


The clear glass accents and chrome-finished metal complement the pure white glass shades perfectly.  This contemporary fixture part of the Hollister Collection, can be mounted upward or downward making it a very popular group.  It is available in one, two, three or four light options.


Choose the Right Size Chandelier for Your Entryway

You only get one chance at making a first impression.  When your guests enter your home, the foyer fixture will set the tone for the rest of your home, so what impression do you want to give.

When choosing a fixture for your foyer, size and scale are both very important considerations.  Selecting the wrong size chandelier for the space, may have the fixture look minuscule in comparison to the room or might be too overpowering for a smaller space.

Consider your entryways:

  • Ceiling height. Start by comparing the height of the chandelier to the height of the space. A wise rule of thumb is to allow 84 inches of space between the bottom of the chandelier and the floor.  If the ceiling is less than 84 inches, a chandelier is not recommended for your foyer.
  • Width. A quick way to determine if an entryway can accommodate the width of the chandelier is to add its length and width in feet. For example, an entryway that is 10 feet in width and 12 feet in length can accommodate a chandelier that is up to 22 inches wide.
  • Decorative features. Don’t forget to include a ceiling cap, the dimensions of an odd shaped entryway, or unique window features into consideration when choosing a chandelier. Every entryway is different and you should choose the chandelier that’s best for your unique space.

Contact Quoizel today for ideas on how to make your visitors feel welcome when they enter your home!


It’s Throwback Thursday!

Thirty-three years ago the horror movie The Shining was in local theaters,  gas was $1.19 a gallon, the cost of an average home was $13,650….. and…..Quoizel introduced its handmade cathedral glass swag collection.

Featured is the QT-193A, a three-candle glass swag with an antique brass finish and honey amber glass.

This fixture could be seen over a kitchen or small dinette table.  The popular collection of hanging pendants and table lamps could be found in different shapes and sizes.


Quoizel’s 2013 Pre-Buy Update

Quoizel’s Pre-Buy Event is three weeks in, and so far the feedback has been great!

In year’s past, the Pre-Buy spanned over a 3-week period, but with the evergrowing popularity, the event has been expanded  to six weeks this year (September 30th – November 6th).

This is a unique opportunity for customers to view and order merchandise that will be presented at the 2014 January Dallas Market.  It helps Quoizel predict which items they may need to re-order to meet future customer demands.  In addition, the customers receive incentives for attending this exciting preview event.