How Color Affects the Mood of Your Room

Do you realize that lighting can dramatically change the overall mood in a space?  Use decorative lighting to set the tone and atmosphere of each room in your home. Soft warm white is the most common for home lighting, but warm yellow, blue and pink tints are also being used as technology changes.

The warm white light or even pink tint can be soothing or romantic when illumination is low or invigorating when it is bright. Light with just a soft yellow glow is welcoming and friendly and gives off a sense of optimism, enlightenment and happiness while a tint of green, purple or blue gives an element of relaxation. Dimmer switches are great and provide different levels of light to enhance a mood.DH2820PN

The setting shot shown features Quoizel’s Duchess pendant which gives off a warm orange glow.  A warm orange is often considered a motivational color that gives off joy and warmth.

How the space is being lit also impacts the color and texture of walls and furnishings. Light shining from various directions can give a different tone to a wall color making it brighter or more subdued.

Keep in mind that a white light shining through a fabric lampshade or fixture will be different than a white light shining through a painted glass shade.  The texture and color of the shade can take on its hue and create a different atmosphere than intended.

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