Lamps Can Warm Up Your Home This Winter

Across the country, winter has proven to be pretty brutal, and we still have a long way to go before Spring.  There have been dramatic changes in temperature from one day to the next, and if your part of the world hasn’t seen record-breaking low temperatures, you’ve seen record-breaking rain fall. MC410T_sett

As the temperatures continue to drop, we move indoors to seek comfort and warmth, and the one thing that you have control over is what’s happening inside your home.   A lack of light will make your home feel more like a cave than a retreat. Lighting plays an important role in being able to see, but it also affects our mood too. Finding the right lighting can be the solution to creating an inviting home for your family and guests. 

Accent lighting plays an important role in developing the warm welcome that you want in your home to ward off the chill of the outdoors.  They highlight various areas or features within a room. It brings a glow to shaded spots that beg attention. A table lamp is a great example of this technique, and Quoizel has a wide variety of choices in lighting from floor lamps to table lamps to create a home you will look forward to coming home to.

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