Living the American Dream!

Maria De La Paz Militano, the daughter of our Hugo Militano has given her parents a lot to be proud of!

Hugo, who has worked for Quoizel in the New York office as the Shipping/Maintenance Engineer for the past 16 years, immigrated to the United States from Argentina 24 years ago! Hugo and his wife, Angelica, wanted their family to experience the freedom that most Americans take for granted. They wanted to live the American Dream!

The oldest of three children, Maria is a neuroscientist researcher after graduating from Stony Brook University.  Currently, a graduate student interning with the United Nations Mental Health in Acraa-Ghana through NYU’s Silver School of Social Work. She is working on a program which runs a couple of schools for children who have lost both parents to AIDS.  Her teachings will set a precedent for other schools in the area.  Maria will be graduating from New York University in June!


Our Favorite Design Trends

It’s the beginning of 2014, and so many design trends are being talked about this year.  We chose a few of our favorites to highlight.

Popularity of open layouts continue to grow.  Open plans promote interaction among family and guests, as walls are not a barrier.  With that, the kitchen continues to serve as the home’s “hub” while the rest of the home flows freely off the kitchen.

Mixing and matching furniture, colors, patterns, and design motifs are also seeing a rise in popularity. Most design magazines are showing saturated hues such as navy and plum in velvet, suede or corduroy and accessorizing with bold throw pillows, lamps and blankets.


It’s Throwback Thursday!!

Almost 20 years ago, when this mirror was introduced, its benefit made a small room look bigger.   Today that is still the case, but today’s mirrors have decorative frames in finishes that match most furniture styles and are available in distinctive shapes.

This 32 x 42 inch antique gold draped mirror was very popular in 1995.

Take a look into this enchanted mirror below and discover endless opportunities. The mystical forest pattern that engulfs this beveled mirror is simply stunning.  Introduced at January’s Market, this Carolyn Kinder mirror will be the focal point of any room.


The Incandescent Bulb is Going the Way of the Dinosaur

Thanks to recent regulation that resulted from a 7-year campaign, Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, traditional incandescent light bulbs will eventually fade away like the dinosaur.  The United States’ government mandated certain efficiency standards for bulbs going forward.  As it happens, certain incandescent bulbs that we currently use do not meet these standards and thus must either be adapted or be phased out.  This mandate phased out both 75-watt and 100-watt varieties and now leads to the disappearance of 60-watt and 40-watt bulbs, although, this fact, may come as a surprise to many Americans who once relied on these exact sizes.


Phillips Lighting is in the Clouds!

Phillips Lighting & Home located in Modesto, CA is now in the clouds!  They, along with Quoizel’s sales representative Patrick Slater, have transformed their showroom with Quoizel’s cloud displays.

Serving the community since 1947, Phillips Lighting & Home’s goal is to create an enjoyable and productive shopping experience.  They have earned a following not just in Modesto, but also from the Bay Area, the Sierra foothills and up and down the Central Valley.

Owners Chuck, Karen & Carrie work hard keeping up with the newest technology in lighting such as these beautiful displays, to make sure that their customers find the drive worthwhile wherever they are coming from.