Are you up for the 150-Day Challenge!

workoutThe participants and the trainer continue to keep Quoizel’s Wellness Program fresh and relevant. They continuously come up with new ideas that has helped to keep the program going for so many years.

Quoizel’s trainer, Becky Kyryliuk, came up with a 150-day challenge.  The challenge has started and will run through the end of June.  It’s based on a points system where you add points for good eating and deduct points for poor choices.

It begins with a baseline weigh-in, BMI (Body Mass Index which is based on weight and height, not on body fat). Participants must log all food, log all activity, track points, and they must wear a pedometer all day.

The challenge is quite complex, but the tracking exposes where a problem may lie so that those participating get the most out of the program.  Social media is a great tool for the participants to share and get information, convey encouraging tips, recipes and exercise pointers, and hopefully, inspire others to join in on the challenge.  Good Luck to all!!

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