Does Lighting Affect your Appetite?

With Summer only 82 days away, and many of Quoizel’s employees participating in a 150-day weight loss challenge, we thought this topic might be of interest.

Does lighting affect your appetite?  Recent studies have shown that creating a relaxed environment, such as dimming the lights, diners could reduce their caloric intake by 175 calories. They also found that they rated their meals as more enjoyable.  The tranquil environment increased satisfaction while decreasing consumption.  The study also showed that while the serene atmosphere did not change what people actually ordered, they ate slower, longer and at a relaxed pace.   Adding soft music and painting your walls a certain color could also add to a calming environment.  Warm hues like red and yellow stimulate the appetite, whereas cool colors like blue, green, and grey suppress the appetite.MC842CRC_sett

To burn those 175 calories, it would take a person weighing 145 pounds approximately one hour of yoga or walking at a slow-pace. So dimming those lights, choosing a lighting fixture with a diffuser or changing the light bulbs on your Quoizel lighting fixtures can trim that waistline while creating a more pleasurable dining experience.

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  1. Debbie Reply

    GREAT piece…very informative. I guess I will have to re-paint my dining room…already have the Quoizel fixture!

    1. quoizel Reply

      Thank you!

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