It’s Throwback Thursday!

Wow, Quoizel’s supplements have come a long way!!

Anyone remember having a rubiks cube? Everyone was wondering who shot JR in the television show Dallas, and people were singing Escape (the pina colada song) while passing the Grey Poupon.

1980 SupplementThe year was 1980, and the Colonial Charm table lamp was on the cover.  As tradition will have it, you can still find a style or two in our current catalog and many of these Early American glass varieties can be found on Ebay.

Big difference from our 100-page stylish supplement that came out at the Dallas Market. Filled with many highly-anticipated new items which included, 14 family collections, 32 bath items, 37 outdoor items, 19 mirrors, over 50 portables, and additions to Carolyn Kinder and Sergio Orozco Collections.

There is something for every decor in this very popular supplement.  01'14_Dallas Supp_Cover

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