Is it Corridor or Hallway?

Webster says… Corridor ~ a long passage inside a building with doors on each side & Hallway ~ a long narrow passage inside a building with doors along it leading to rooms.  

FoyerWhatever you want to call it, for safety reasons you want good lighting.  If your hallway is not well-lit, trips to the kitchen or bathroom in the middle of the night can end in tripping or falling.  In order to safely light up this area, a fixture should be installed every 8 to 10 feet.

The main hallway is where visitors will get their first impression of your home so you want your lighting to create a warm and welcoming effect.  With so many beautiful semi-flush, flush mounts and wall sconces available, why not make this part of your home as stunning as the other rooms in your home.

Featured is Quoizel’s Deluxe semi-flush which is swank and modern while giving off enough light for your family and guests to navigate safely through your home.

For a wide variety of lighting for your hallway or corridor, go to

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