Sneak Peek of the 2014 Fall Tabloid ~ “Buy Local”

The Quoizel sales force is receiving a great response to the 2014 Fall Tabloid which will debut this fall. Quoizel’s retailers are delighted with the look and the merchandise featured in the 8-page tab.  They are especially enthusiastic about the “Buy Local” concept.

See your sales representative for more details on this exciting tabloid!


It’s Throwback Thursday!

Wow, Quoizel’s supplements have come a long way!!

Anyone remember having a rubiks cube? Everyone was wondering who shot JR in the television show Dallas, and people were singing Escape (the pina colada song) while passing the Grey Poupon.

The year was 1980, and the Colonial Charm table lamp was on the cover.  As tradition will have it, you can still find a style or two in our current catalog and many of these Early American glass varieties can be found on Ebay.

Big difference from our 100-page stylish supplement that came out at the Dallas Market. Filled with many highly-anticipated new items which included, 14 family collections, 32 bath items, 37 outdoor items, 19 mirrors, over 50 portables, and additions to Carolyn Kinder and Sergio Orozco Collections.


Quoizel’s Outdoor Lighting Shines in the Bergen Record!

The Record Home 2014 Spring Edition which was circulated on March 20th featured Quoizel’s outdoor lighting!

The very popular Byron and Steadman Collections which were both introduced at last year’s January market, were highlighted in this edition.  Carol Dasilva, manager at Paramus Lighting, is quoted as saying “the hottest trend today in outdoor fixtures pays homage to a bygone era”.  For the past two years, lighting companies have been featuring “vintage” bulbs in chandeliers and pendant lighting.  Dasilva explained “what customers like about the bulb is the look of the filament, which has a warm, soft glow and enhances whatever fixture it is in”.   Quoizel’s own Bobbie Pearsall is also quoted as saying “In the last year, lighting fixtures with this nostalgic look have been revitalized”.


Does Lighting Affect your Appetite?

With Summer only 82 days away, and many of Quoizel’s employees participating in a 150-day weight loss challenge, we thought this topic might be of interest.

Does lighting affect your appetite?  Recent studies have shown that creating a relaxed environment, such as dimming the lights, diners could reduce their caloric intake by 175 calories. They also found that they rated their meals as more enjoyable.  The tranquil environment increased satisfaction while decreasing consumption.  The study also showed that while the serene atmosphere did not change what people actually ordered, they ate slower, longer and at a relaxed pace.   Adding soft music and painting your walls a certain color could also add to a calming environment.  Warm hues like red and yellow stimulate the appetite, whereas cool colors like blue, green, and grey suppress the appetite.