Breakfast with the President

cartoon workersQuoizel, a family-owned company since 1930, considers all of their employees “family”.

Breakfast with the President is one way Rick Seidman, President & CEO, has kept this family atmosphere.  Employees who share their birthday month are invited to have Breakfast with the President which is hosted by Rick via video-conference between the South Carolina and New York offices.  Each person introduces themselves, shares how many years they have worked at Quoizel and the department they work in.  Employees make recommendations on ways the company can improve on specific issues. Rick notes each request/comment, and then recaps each suggestion at the end of the breakfast.  Of course not every request is granted, but management and the board of directors take each one seriously, and a lot of positive changes have come as a result of these monthly meetings.

Last week Rick hosted a Breakfast with the President for its Spanish-speaking staff.  With a translator present, employees who normally did not express their views were, for the first time, able to comfortably convey their thoughts and suggestions concerning their job responsibilities at Quoizel.

“The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members or workers better.”  Tony Dungy


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