Billows ~ 3X a Charm…

Bryan and Billows are coming together once again to create a beautiful lighting experience for their customers.

No wonder Billows Electric Supply has been around for more than half a century.  With a little help from their friend and Quoizel Sales Representative, Bryan Ehrlich, they continue to renovate and update their showroom offering their customers the best selection in lighting today.

Bryan spent four days updating Quoizel’s Downtown, Uptown and Platinum Collections in Billows’ Berlin, NJ location.


Rick Reaching the Pagoda…

Whenever Rick Seidman, President & CEO, visits China he takes a pilgrimage to the Pagoda during his exercise regime as the sun is rising.  When you reach the summit, it is common practice to shout out anything you have on your mind.  On this recent trip, Rick took a selfie and shouted when he made it to the top.

The Pagoda, a temple or sacred building, usually a pyramid-like tower and typically having upward-curving roofs over the individual stories is probably the one place that it is not unusual to hear others screaming their loudest.  


Bath Display for JD Kitchens Bath & More…

Kirk Marshall, who covers portions of  the southeast region, recently installed a bath display at JD Kitchens Bath & More.

A new customer of Quoizel, JD Kitchens Bath & More  is located in Marietta, GA where they are a full-service, client-focused remodeling and construction company.  With over 20 years of industry expertise, they strive to make the building process, from project conception to completion as smooth as possible for their clients.

Below is a newly renovated kitchen by JD Kitchens Bath & More featuring Quoizel’s Tiffany pendants.  The neutral colors are embellished with amber jewels and gently curved metal accents, which reflect the French curves within the arms and body. This design has a delicate, sinewy look without being overly ornate.


Quoizel Field Trip to Innovative Cree Factory

 A few of the design team members including Todd Phillips, Peter Cox, Guillermo Kuwae, two college interns and Southeast salesperson Jeff Norris went on a field trip to Cree, Inc.  Since 1987, Cree has been a market-leading innovator of lighting products, LED (Light Emitting Diodes) components, and semiconductor products for power and radio-frequency (RF) applications.  Their headquarters is located in Durham, NC and Cree employs nearly 6,000 people worldwide.

They were very impressed with the factory and spent hours touring the facility where they saw the making of the diodes.  The state-of-the-art machinery is very sensitive; therefore, all employees and guests are required to wear the surgical scrubs and masks so that the area stays as sterile as possible.


Celebrity Status for Quoizel’s Own Hospitality Rep!

Quoizel’s own Hospitality Representative, Susy Teale, was featured on HGTV’s very popular Property Brothers.

Susy wrote to Property Brothers requesting help in finding and renovating her twin sister’s home. Her sister Sandy was downsizing and relocating to Brookhaven, Georgia just minutes away from Atlanta. Much to Susy’s shock, Property Brothers, who are twins themselves, loved the idea of “Twins Helping Twins”!

After eight long exhausting weeks of renovating, shopping and filming, the 1920’s bungalow that Sandy chose was completed.  The renovation of the foyer, family room, dining room and kitchen came out more beautiful than either twin could imagine!  The airing of this very special episode of Property Brothers will be tomorrow night, July 16th, on HGTV at 9:00pm. Don’t miss it!!