Celebrity Status for Quoizel’s Own Hospitality Rep!

Susy Teale6Quoizel’s own Hospitality Representative, Susy Teale, was featured on HGTV’s very popular Property Brothers.

Susy wrote to Property Brothers requesting help in finding and renovating her twin sister’s home. Her sister Sandy was downsizing and relocating to Brookhaven, Georgia just minutes away from Atlanta. Much to Susy’s shock, Property Brothers, who are twins Susy Teale2themselves, loved the idea of “Twins Helping Twins”!

After eight long exhausting weeks of renovating, shopping and filming, the 1920’s bungalow that Sandy chose was completed.  The renovation of the foyer, family room, dining room and kitchen came out more beautiful than either twin could imagine!  The airing of this very special episode of Property Brothers will be tomorrow night, July 16th, on HGTV at 9:00pm. Don’t miss it!!Susy Teale1Susy Teale4Susy Teale3

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Status for Quoizel’s Own Hospitality Rep!

  1. Jason Phillips Reply

    We love the Teale’s and can’t wait to tune in tonight 🙂

  2. Patsy Copley Reply

    I wouldn’t miss this for anything! I love the Teal Twins, too.

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