Quoizel’s Wellness Program has Continued Success!

With Summer only a stone’s throw away, the perfect time to focus on exercising and clean eating is NOW!  At Quoizel they continue to promote and offer a Wellness Program that helps their employees do just that!

Quoizel’s Wellness Program has been running for six years and continues to encourage employees in both the New York and South Carolina facilities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the South Carolina office, participating employees gather in the cafeteria or meet outside during lunch breaks to exercise together. It creates a comradery that pushes each other while supporting individual goals. It’s a true team effort.


Happy Memorial Day!

Quoizel’s offices will be closed Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day and will reopen Tuesday, May 26th at 8:30am (EST).

How will you be celebrating Memorial Day this weekend?

Road trip! 37.2 million American will hit the road and travel at least 50 miles this Memorial Day weekend according to AAA.

Ready for a backyard barbecue? 57% of Americans will barbecue this weekend making it the second most popular day to barbecue in the United States. The most popular day is the 4th of July!

Who doesn’t love a parade? Chicago’s Memorial Day parade is considered one of the biggest parades in the nation. Look at your town’s billboard for more information on a parade nearest you.



“Well worth the trip” is what Rick Seidman, President and CEO and Todd Phillips, Board of Director and Senior Designer of Quoizel said of their recent trip to Italy to attend the Euroluce Show.

This landmark event of the lighting world is dedicated to innovative lighting solutions.  It is one of the most important lighting industry shows in the European region, an event that brought visitors from around the world.

Quoizel, always wanting to be on the cutting end of lighting designs, attended and assisted in the Elstead showroom one of the leading residential lighting manufacturers and distributors in the UK.  Quoizel is one of Elstead’s featured product lines and have expanded their valuable partnership in recent years. The Phillips and Seidmans, along with Rick’s daughter Nicki (studying in Seville, Spain), welcomed and entertained customers on behalf of Quoizel.


Ding!! Round Two of Sales Training….

Might be a different time zone, but the goal is still the same…to provide the sales force the right tools to improve business communication skills. With that considered one of the most significant skills anyone can have, Shari Harley was asked to pack her bags and travel West to once again share her intriguing sales methods with Quoizel’s West Coast representatives.

Like their comrades from the East Coast, they found Shari’s exercises funny, captivating and useful. They are enthusiastic to use these techniques to better serve their customers.


East Coast Takes on New York City!

This week Quoizel’s East Coast sales force took over New York City!

The enthusiastic group worked with Shari Harley, a sought after speaker for conferences and events through the United States and internationally. Impressed with Shari’s down-to-earth, direct and engaging style at a recent ALA conference, management wanted her to meet and work with Quoizel’s sales force.

Shari’s business communication training courses were a hit. Her programs were funny, engaging, useful, and her exercises gave the attendees tools and techniques to transform every relationship.