What Would You Want for Mother’s Day?

Vision Pendant HighMmm…breakfast in bed might be nice!  Who wouldn’t want to enjoy breakfast-in-bed in this bedroom suite?!  This gorgeous space features Quoizel’s Vision pendant from their Platinum Collection.

The Vision pendant is a work of art and a beautiful addition to the Platinum Collection. The stunning glass has been poured to create a sculptural bowl of ice QMC404BO_2_and is floating on suspended cables from the canopy. The Polished Chrome finish on the base reflects the light to showcase the dazzling glass.

Perhaps a little quiet time to sit and read a good book.  This setting just screams relaxation.  Strands of crystal beads and teardrops adorn this French inspired mini chandelier. The rustic Bolivian Bronze finish and opulent crystals compliment the overall style.  The Alston chandelier’s attention to detail and design brings that bit of old world charm back into today’s home.

DW5005C_5_ (1)A meal cooked and served alongside Quoizel’s Downtown chandelier would be on the top of every mom’s want list. Cool, sleek sophistication is written all over this design. Gleaming glass ball accents complement the cream linen drum shade and rich Polished Chrome finish.  You’ll savor every meal under this stunning fixture.

Or perhaps time alone to take a nice hot bath in this sparkling bathroom suite.CKUT1921_PCSP2823C_scene

The name says it all Superior. In every way this pendant, also from Quoizel’s Platinum Collection, twinkles with sparkle. The crystal rods are spaced apart and are beveled to refract the light from the clear xenon bulbs in all directions. The shining Polished Chrome finish completes the look.

Most moms will tell you that they want a little more time to do the things that they enjoy whether it’s to read, to sleep, to take a run or hot bath.  They don’t want to do chores or cook at all that day, and they want to be remembered.  And a phone call, card or thoughtful, not elaborate, gift will do the trick!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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