Jewelry for the Home…..on Valentine’s Day

pcpg2824c_5Valentine’s Day is only days away, and the gnawing decision on what to get your special Valentine is quickly valentines-day-2013-background-freeapproaching.

Why not get Jewelry for the Home?  With gorgeous lighting available, the only difficult decision is which one to choose.

Instead of that solitaire necklace, how about the Pageant pendant? Introduced at last month’s Dallas Market, the Pageant’s spherical wire case is fastened with a multitude of swirling crinkled metal ribbons and is a real show-stopper.

Forget about the diamond bracelet when you both can enjoy this striking Crescent pendant. With its luminous design and striking style, it is anreducedpccn2824pk_4_ impressive addition to Quoizel’s Platinum Collection. The half-moon bands that encompass the base are open and feature glittering crystal accents. The Polished Nickel finish is the perfect backdrop to enhance every twinkle and sparkle with its mirror-like sheen. Your home will wear this gorgeous pendant for years to come!

lla5204ra_7_72dpiLooking for something feminine and charming, the Laila collection will make your home feel warm and inviting. The open feel of the cage-like structure adds visual interest and the candelabra lights emit a soft and cozy glow for a touch of romance. It adds an artistic flair to any room.

Who will really see those diamond earrings?  They’ll notice the Shimmer pcsr8603cled_6_72dpicollection though. The stunning shades are comprised of tiny metal ringlets and crystals that create an amazing shimmering effect. This stylish series is finished in glossy Polished Chrome and is sure to kick up the wow factor in your home.

All Platimum Shimmer bath fixtures can be mounted up or down.

If you want to celebrate the “Holiday of Love”, however, try to let that special person in your life know how important they are the whole year through.






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