Deep & Bold or Cool & Tranquil — What’s Your Pick For 2018?

‘Tis the season for Color of the Year announcements!

Not only can color affect your perception of a room’s size and shape, it can also influence your mood. If choosing the color palette for your space is proving to be a daunting task, take your cues from the experts of hues:

Sherwin-Williams’ 2018 pick for Color of the Year is Oceanside. “Inspired by travel, the blue-green hue will add an air of mystery and elegance to any space,” says People Home & Travel.  

Behr announced their Color of the Year, In the Moment. “This cool, tranquil, spruce blue is inspired by nature and is a soothing, restorative coalescence of blue, gray and green.”

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is strong, radiant and full of energy. “Caliente is the signature color of a modern architectural masterpiece; a lush carpet rolled out for a grand arrival; the assured backdrop for a book-lined library; a powerful first impression on a glossy front door. The eye can’t help but follow its bold strokes,” says Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore & Co.

Whether you prefer bold or tranquil shades, one thing is for sure: Metallics, a design trend, are here to stay. “Metallics we know are classic, but they have really moved over into neutrals,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director at Pantone. 

“Hand-painted metallic elements on fabrics and art will add an artistic flair,” says Interior Designer Larina Kase in’s Pantone Predicts 2018’s Hottest Home Trends” by Natalie Way. Natalie also predicts consumers should expect to see more geometric patterns on tile, walls and art; typographywood treatments, natural elements such as wood on ceilings and accent walls, fringe on pillows and blankets, metallics, iridescent accents, tables and decorative pieces, and intense colors.

Whatever your color of choice, lighting will affect how that color is portrayed. Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with both lighting and color to help your personality shine.

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