Birdcage Inspired Lighting Fixtures

These beautiful Laila birdcage style lighting fixtures make any room instantly whimsical. A thin wire frame keeps this fixture looking delicate and feminine, while the antique brown finish adds a rustic, elegant touch.

  • These timeless lighting fixtures are pieces that you’ll love for a lifetime for their classic and versatile beauty.


Innovative LED Light Fixtures

LED bulbs have many advantages, both for indoor and outdoor applications. According to National Geographic, LEDs last for a long time and don’t use much energy. They are also small enough to fit in some fixtures that cannot hold other types of bulbs. LEDs that are EnergyStar rated are especially efficient using at least 75% less energy, lasting 25 times longer than incandescent lighting while providing optimal light color. 
LED lighting is a natural fit for cutting-edge renovation, new construction projects or do-it-yourself upgrades.  Quoizel, always on the forefront of technology, has introduced some striking and modern indoor and outdoor light fixtures that are as innovative as the LED bulb itself.


Save ‘Green’ on Environmentally Green Lightbulbs

Everyone likes to save money. By now, environmentally friendly LED lightbulbs are old news. We all know that they last significantly longer than the old fashioned bulbs and that they are better for the environment and our electric bill. They are also much more expensive than the basic bulbs. While we know that they save us money in the long run, sticker shock is typically enough to make us opt for the less convenient buy.

LEDs are starting to drop in price though! Not only are they lowering their prices, but you can often get rebates on them through sites like DSIRE or Energy Star to find rebates that can bring the price of lightbulbs down even further. In fact, if you spend more than $30 on lightbulbs, which could help you light your entire home, then you qualify for a $10 rebate from Philips.


The Benefits of Timeless Design

If you’ve got a new interior space that you’re currently working on designing, there are many style options out there to choose from: contemporary, art deco, traditional and even rustic, just to name a few. But the benefits of timeless design should never be underestimated. While each person’s taste is completely different, there’s something to be said for a classic timeless aesthetic as you never have to worry about your decor loosing vogue with each new season.

From Quiozel:

We create timeless pieces designed with you in mind. We do this by avoiding trends and fads, by balancing form and function and by making our choices thoughtfully. This kind of dedication, integrity and quality not only goes into the design of our products, but it’s in the way we do business as well. It’s why we’ve grown from a small company to become one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of fine decorative lighting and home accessories.