Let There Be Light – Controlling Your Home Lighting

We live in a fast-paced world where we can schedule our daily lives at our finger tips. Why should controlling our home lighting be any different?  In this post, we will discuss 3 different lighting control options to use with your stylish products from Quoizel.  Toggle, Touch and Slide dimmers enable you to:

  • Lower light levels to conserve energy and increase bulb life
  • Vary the mood of a room
  • Alter the intensity of the light to suit the activity
  • Create and save a number of different lighting schemes in one room

Dimmers help you to create specific moods or transform rooms; you can set the perfect atmosphere for entertaining or turn your bath time into a soothing spa retreat all with a switch.

Toggle Dimmers: Toggle dimmers do just that, they toggle having both a small slider and a toggle switch. The toggle switch allows you to turn the light off and on, while the slider allows you to change the intensity of the light. They can also be programmed to remember your favorite settings.