The Benefits of Timeless Design

If you’ve got a new interior space that you’re currently working on designing, there are many style options out there to choose from: contemporary, art deco, traditional and even rustic, just to name a few. But the benefits of timeless design should never be underestimated. While each person’s taste is completely different, there’s something to be said for a classic timeless aesthetic as you never have to worry about your decor loosing vogue with each new season.

From Quiozel:

We create timeless pieces designed with you in mind. We do this by avoiding trends and fads, by balancing form and function and by making our choices thoughtfully. This kind of dedication, integrity and quality not only goes into the design of our products, but it’s in the way we do business as well. It’s why we’ve grown from a small company to become one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of fine decorative lighting and home accessories.


3 Simple Summer Lighting Tips

Ah those summer nights! Something about their cool breezes, soft pink skies and hint of barbecue aroma in the air make them the perfect setting for outdoor entertainment. If you’re like us here at Quoizel, you don’t pass up the chance to employ creative lighting when the opportunity presents itself. A nighttime summer patio is just the place to do that. Here are a few quick and simple tips from Lights4Fun to help get you started if you’re stumped for ideas:

1. One set of warm white LED fairy lights under your parasol makes the world of difference and is inexpensive to achieve.


Recognizing Different Types of Lighting

There’s a lot more to lighting a room than just making sure you can see where you’re going and don’t stub your toe on a table. If a room is lit well and lit correctly, the mood of an entire room can be changed. Depending on what sort of environment you want to establish, there are specific methods for drawing out that kind of feeling in a room.

Knowing what types of lighting are used for different situations and moods is critical to having your home or space feel just right for you. For whatever purpose you have for a space in your building, there are four kinds of lighting for you to consider when illuminating a room:


3 Amazing Ambient Lighting Tips

Ambient lighting, if used correctly, can illuminate the entire room, it can convey warmth and intimacy or create the ideal environment for hosting and entertaining. Whether you’re settling down after a long day at the office or preparing for a formal dinner with family and friends, here are 3 tips to help you select the best types of ambient lighting no matter what the intended purpose is.

1. Wall Sconces: Wall sconces are excellent for hallways and for adding a dramatic effect to a smaller space such as a study or den. They can be traditional, contemporary or European. Earth tones and amber can add a pleasant effect when combined with softer palates.


Dining Room Lighting Made Simple

Are you trying to plan the perfect dining room lighting? It is important that dining room lighting is just as functional as it is beautiful. You can use a combination of general, task, and accent lighting to create the best mood for the room. Dining room lighting can be used for a formal dinner, special event, or simply a place to do a hobby or homework. If you incorporate dimming controls, you can make it as bright or dim as needed.

Many homeowners use a chandelier as a focal point in their dining room. A nicely presented chandelier can highlight the beauty of your furniture and give the room a sophisticated look. You can dim the lights and create a candlelight glow for the room. If you choose a downlight chandelier, you will be able to use the piece for accent lighting as well as task lighting.