Is it Corridor or Hallway?

Webster says… Corridor ~ a long passage inside a building with doors on each side & Hallway ~ a long narrow passage inside a building with doors along it leading to rooms.  

Whatever you want to call it, for safety reasons you want good lighting.  If your hallway is not well-lit, trips to the kitchen or bathroom in the middle of the night can end in tripping or falling.  In order to safely light up this area, a fixture should be installed every 8 to 10 feet.

The main hallway is where visitors will get their first impression of your home so you want your lighting to create a warm and welcoming effect.  With so many beautiful semi-flush, flush mounts and wall sconces available, why not make this part of your home as stunning as the other rooms in your home.


How to Best Light a Hallway and Living Room

We’ve already touched a little on the various ways to light your house to its best advantage. We’re going to start covering how to light each specific room. While you may not always take the time to really consider lighting, and screwing in a bulb hardly seems complicated, with a little consideration you can make the light in your home dramatic and ideal for every room.

When lighting a hallway, you should consider softer lights. Hanging pendants, walls sconces, lanterns, and chandeliers all give softer light that also adds character to a room. Since hallways are often lacking furniture, you want the light fixture itself to make a statement. Use mirrors to add more dimension and light to the area.


How to Improve Hallway Lighting

Hallways are some of the most overused, yet understated areas we have in our homes. Though they are often frequented, we tend to pay less attention to the look of our hallways and focus more on the rooms. Consider adding an element of design to your hallway – not only will your guests feel more comfortable, but they’ll also get a sense of your style, creating a personal ambiance. A great way to create this impression is focusing on your hallway lighting. Think through these questions to improve your hallway lighting.