How many people does it take to change a light bulb?

Although this may seem like a joke, changing a light bulb isn’t so simple these days!!  With so many choices, choosing the right light bulb has become a complicated task.

First things first when heading to your local hardware store is to make a list of the light bulbs that you need and the area you want to light.  Is this for an outdoor lantern, reading light, kitchen fixture, or a dimmable fixture, etc.

The next thing is to know what type of bulb to buy for the area you want to light. 

Incandescent.  The one that Thomas Edison perfected, which is the most popular and well-known light bulb in use is prized for its warm color.  Drawbacks of this bulb include low efficiency, high heat generation and fragility.


Smart Tips For Cleaning Your Home’s Light Fixtures

It’s that time of year!!  Along with dieting, exercising and taking down holiday decorations, everyone likes to start off the new year with a clean slate.  What better way to clean that slate, than helpful tips for cleaning your home’s light fixtures. 

Avoid the harsh cleaners
Resist the urge to use brass or other abrasive cleaners as they could mar the finish that keeps the fixture looking its best. 

Clean your Light Bulbs
Dust, aerosol sprays and airborne cooking oils dim both your home’s ambiance and your fixture’s ability to put out all the wattage you are paying for.  To clean a light bulb, wait until the light bulb is cool and wipe it down with a lint free cloth.  A good rule of thumb is to clean the light bulb or fixture at least once a month.


How to Best Light a Hallway and Living Room

We’ve already touched a little on the various ways to light your house to its best advantage. We’re going to start covering how to light each specific room. While you may not always take the time to really consider lighting, and screwing in a bulb hardly seems complicated, with a little consideration you can make the light in your home dramatic and ideal for every room.

When lighting a hallway, you should consider softer lights. Hanging pendants, walls sconces, lanterns, and chandeliers all give softer light that also adds character to a room. Since hallways are often lacking furniture, you want the light fixture itself to make a statement. Use mirrors to add more dimension and light to the area.


How to Clean Your Tiffany Art Glass Shades

Quoizel’s Tiffany Art Glass is some of the most exquisite lighting you’ll ever come across. The intricate details of every hand-crafted glass shade tell a story all its own. Needless to say, you want to keep these beauties looking their best for years to come.  When cleaning tiffany products made of opaque stained glass, art glass or jadestone, stay away from harsh chemicals.  Cleaning agents that contain ammonia should be avoided altogether as they can affect the finish on each lamp’s solder. You are best to apply a lemon oil-based furniture polish to a soft cloth and wipe gently.  To clean tiffany products made of beveled or transparent glass, apply a household glass cleaner to a softl cloth and wipe gently or use a feather duster.  Before cleaning any lamp shade or fixture, disconnect the power source.  From Quoizel:


Recognizing Different Types of Lighting

There’s a lot more to lighting a room than just making sure you can see where you’re going and don’t stub your toe on a table. If a room is lit well and lit correctly, the mood of an entire room can be changed. Depending on what sort of environment you want to establish, there are specific methods for drawing out that kind of feeling in a room.

Knowing what types of lighting are used for different situations and moods is critical to having your home or space feel just right for you. For whatever purpose you have for a space in your building, there are four kinds of lighting for you to consider when illuminating a room: