Designing with Light in a Bedroom

When creating a lighting scheme for a bedroom, you will want to consider options that produce an environment that’s both relaxing and conducive to rest but still bright enough to navigate when the shades are drawn closed.  This can be achieved through a gentle blend of both general and task lighting that fits your particular needs.  How much of each type of lighting needs to be present, will be based on your lifestyle, age and whether you like to read before going to sleep.  General lighting along with table lamps, wall lights or sconces can give you the illumination you need to dress and see into drawers and closets. 
 Quoizel Lighting offers a wide variety of bedroom lighting that is both attractive and practical. 


The Benefits of Good Lighting

According to a recent article from the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), there are many different  elements of our personal well-being that are affected by light quality. For example, the way our offices are illuminated can potentially affect productivity. Proper, adequate lighting can also potentially affect mood and temperament. This is why, by and large, a number of building owners and business managers have made a concerted effort to invest in improvements in lighting.

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, improving the lighting quality of your space can potentially increase its value and reduce energy costs. For information on how Quoizel’s attractive and timeless lighting accessories can help improve your space’s quality, contact us today or call 888-756-4522.


How Does Quoizel Create Their Fixtures?

There are a wide variety of techniques, styles and approaches that Quoizel considers when creating each of our luxury lighting fixtures and accessories. Considerable design deliberation goes into every meticulously detailed pieces that we create here at the Goose Creek headquarters. Everything from the materials that are chosen to the aesthetics that will be presented all go through a process of thorough conceptualization to make sure each piece will retain the timeless elegance that we’ve become synonymous with.