Options for Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is important for for both aesthetics and safety. They can set the mood for entertaining on your deck or patio or they can scare off an intruder when no one is home.  Here are a few types of outdoor lights and how they are used effectively.

Path lights – are normally used alongside landscape, sidewalks and drive ways.  Because they produce a soft warm light without the glare they help to lead a person from one location to another.

Flood Lights – are placed high and above the ground to imitate natural light. One popular use for flood lights is for providing security to an area, such as an entrance.


Outdoor Lighting Has Many Merits

Safety and security are the two biggest benefits of outdoor lighting.  Consider safety first and foremost.  A well lit outdoor area lacks shadows on paths, steps, and other areas where people could trip or potentially hurt themselves.  No one (guest or thief) will want to come over if they have to navigate a light/dark obstacle course to get to your front door.

Consider lighting from the ground up or from the sides out.  Be careful with lighting from above.  Remember: the goal is to reduce the amount of shadows and darkness.  This won’t prevent clumsiness, but having less darkness equals more safety.