Who Remembers the Tour de Tiffany?

The Quoizel Tour de Tiffany traveling show was an epic event!

Talk about Creating a Kaleidscope of Stained Glass…when an unassuming 80-foot trailer pulled up, the lighting store had hundreds of Tiffany styles at their fingertips!  Some accounts would have this sales event annually, and customers would be lined up before the store opened to be the first one to glance at an original Louis Comfort Tiffany.  Usually a scheduled 3-day event, it would be one of the biggest sales of the year, and would be promoted with a large advertising campaign and supported with much fanfare.  It was not uncommon to serve food and soft drinks to keep the consumers shopping.


Create a Kaleidoscope of Stained Glass

Nothing gets you more into the holiday mood  than the glowing colors of the season!

Whether it’s the outside holiday lights, the lights on the tree or the festive lights in your home, the warm ambience that you can create with lighting, will make your home cozy and inviting.

Tiffany, a kaleidoscope of stained glass, can instantly transform the decor of any room. Since the light that shines through the many different colors of the stained glass is diffused in all directions, it makes Tiffany lighting so timeless and versatile.


The Latest in Lighting!

Sit back and relax after a long hard day… Quoizel’s Shelburne table lamp can give you as much or as little light as you need.  Just introduced at the January Dallas Market, this traditional table lamp is available in either polished chrome or western bronze to match your decorating style.

If you are in the Modesto, CA area, stop by Phillips Lighting and check out their new displays!! This family-owned and operated lighting and home furnishings showroom has a wide selection of stylish lighting, accent furniture, home accessories, decorative mirrors and art, area rugs and gifts.


Tiffany Lights ~ Light up a Little Vintage Style in Your Home

Tiffany lamps have several different benefits.  Because they are handmade stained glass art, and no two are exactly alike, they become family heirlooms and are passed down from generation to generation. 

They also have the ability to instantly transform the decor of any room since the light that shines through the many different colors of the stained glass is diffused in all directions making tiffany lighting so timeless and versatile.

Tiffany light fixtures have been around since the late 1800s and their popularity continues to grow.  When turned on, the lamp emits a soft colored glow that adds a splash of warm color to any room.  For this reason you will find replica tiffany fixtures in establishments where the light from the tiffany makes the customer feel warm and cozy.  You can create the same atmosphere in your own home with one of Quoizel’s tiffany style fixtures.